Astrometric Measurement of WDS 03117+8128 STF 327 AB

Hilde van den Bergh, Chris Olivas, Jerry Hilburn, Pat Boyce, and Grady Boyce


Astrometric and Photometric Measurements of WDS 20210+1028

Authors: Sébastien Cormier, Jae Calanog, Irena Stojimirovic, Jerry Hilburn, Brodney Fitzgerald, Philip Blanco, Pat Boyce, and Grady Boyce

Speckle Interferometry of CHR 139a & HDS 2003

Authors: Zhixin Cao, Grady Boyce

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​Measurement of Multi-star Systems LEO 5 and MKT 13

Authors: Faisal AlZaben, Allen Priest, Stephen Priest, Rex Qiu, Grady Boyce, and Pat Boyce

CCD Astrometric ​Measurements of WDS 08167+4053

Authors: Bill Riley, Dewei Li, Junyao Li, Aren Dennis, Grady Boyce, and Pat Boyce

CCD Astrometric Measurements of WDS 04155+0611

Authors: Zhixin Cao, Junyao Li, Steven Qu, Jeff Li, Michael Fene, Pat Boyce, and Grady Boyce

Speckle Interferometry of WDS 17201+6206 & 17285+0224

Authors: Young Cho, Arthur Chang, and Grady Boyce

Speckle Interferometry of KUI 71, A 351, & A 234

Authors: Ayden Haen, Blake Howard, David Hoffman, and Grady Boyce



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Astrometric Measurement of Double-Star System 03074+1753 HJL 1020

Authors: Greta van den Bergh, and Hilde van den Bergh


CCD Astrometric Measurements of WDS 05247+3723

Authors: Mike Chasin, Matthew Adas, Naylynn Tañon, Grady Boyce, and Pat Boyce

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CCD Double Star Astrometry of Binary Stars with Robotic Telescopes

Authors: Faisal Al-Zaben, Dewei Li, Yongyao Li, Aren Dennis, Pat Boyce, and Grady Boyce

Speckle Interferometry of WDS 11196+4930 & 16238+6142

Authors: Christopher Salisbury, Caleb Morris, Elijah Countryman, and Grady Boyce

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Boyce Research Initiatives & Education Foundation (B.R.I.E.F) is proud to offer Boyce-Astro.Org: making Astronomy local and educating our youth in the process of Science through the love and beauty of Astronomy.  

Through the use of modern technology BRIEF is expanding our youth's knowledge of the Astronomy through educational programs, research opportunities, and local Star Parties. Since our foundation we have achieved the following milestones: University of California approved Astronomy High School Course, published 6 papers, taught College level Astronomical Research course, worked on projects from major universities (Harvard & Johns Hopkins), and provided both Star and Solar Observation opportunities.

NEXT, BRIEF is finalizing our Robotic Science Observatory and continuing our collaboration with iTelescope on various research projects. Use this website as your resource for Astronomical Eduation. If you are interested in more information, please visit our Contact Us page.


CCD Astrometric Measurements of WDS 0023-7238 HJ 5439 

Authors: Kelvin Nguyen, Sibi Radhakrishnan, Max Schoenbrunner, Ariane Nazemi, Jae Calanog, Pat Boyce, and Grady Boyce

Please see the January, 2016 Journal of Double Star Observations, Volume 12, Number 1 for these and papers from other schools participating in the Astronomy Research Seminar.