Week - 9  Data Analysis

  • In Class Review of Trend Data and Graphs
  • In Class Discussion of Results
  • In Class - Team Assignments

Team Assignment: Draft #1 of All Sections Except Abstract

Week - 6 Reviews and Corrections

  • Review Proposal Comments / Adjust Plans
  • How to Access BARC
  • Review First Images / Decide What to Change
  • Setting Up Your Records and Why

Team Assignment: Order 2nd Observations; Set Up Team Records


Homework: WDS 3 and 4

Week - 12 Refine

  • How to Format the Paper
  • Examples of Good Presentations
  • In Class - Murder Board the PowerPoint

Team Assignment: 1) Produce Draft 2 of Power Point Presentation

                            2) Draft #3 of the Team Paper Properly Formatted

Week - 13 Final Presentation

  • In Class - Do Presentation Dry Run
  • In Class- Edit the Final PowerPoint

Team Assignment: Submit Final Presentation

Fun Homework: Order Student Observations (galaxies, nebula, etc).Each Student Gets Their Observation Time.

Final Presentation

Week - 15 Work Remotely.

  • Exchange Drafts Between the Team's Ass't. Instructor and the Teams in Order to Finalize

Expect several revisions with Team's Assistant Instructor before submitting to the Seminar's overall instructor, Dr. Russ Genet.

Week 14 - Review and Correct

  • In Class - Discuss Comments and Determine Corrections to Paper
  • In Class (if possible) - Do Draft #4 of Paper with Changes from Presentation
  • In Class - If Available, Present the Student Observations.

Team Assignment:If Not Completed in Class, Prepare and Submit Draft #4 to Ass't Instructor.

Week - 3 Comparative Data

Team Assignment: Select Candidate Stars and Request WDS Data


Homework: WDS 1 and 2

Mid Term Online Exam

Week - 7 Data Reduction

Team Assignment: Organize Team Data and Send To Ass't Instructor


Homework: Review Course Materials and Take Mid- Term Exam


Week 1 - Double Stars

Team Assignment: Form Your Team and Name


Homework: Double Stars 1 and 2

BASIC STATS (2).xlsxWeek - 8  Statistics

Team Assignment: 1) Merge Star's History with Team Data

                            2) Draft Results Tables

                            3) Draft Possible Graphs

Week 5 - Plans, Proposals and Jumping Ahead

Team Assignment: In Class - Teams Finish Their Proposals and Submit


Homework: Request 1st Observations


Week - 10 First Draft

  • In Class - Merge All Section Drafts, Pictures, Graphs and Tables
  • In Class - Team Review and Edit of the 1st Draft

Team Assignment: Update to Draft #2 and Submit to Ass't. Instructor for Comments

Week 0 - Orientation


Week - 11 Take a Deep Breath and Review As a Team

  • In Class - Review of Draft #2; Settle on Conclusions
  • In Class - Rewrite Abstract.in Class
  • How to Do Presentations

Team Assignment: 1) Produce Draft #3

                            2) Produce 1st draft PowerPoint Presentation