Cuesta College - 1 hour credit [ASTR 299]

The Cambridge School  -  open to outside students
            Teacher: Allen Priest
            Assistant: volunteer TBD
Mt. Everest Academy  - MEA students and parents only
           Teacher: Pat Boyce
           Assistant: Kent Smith, Norm Negus​
Boyce-Astro Research Seminar (Hybrid Online)– meeting locations TBD  - open to all
          Teacher: Grady Boyce
          Assistant: Pat Boyce

San Diego Community Colleges - Honors Credit

Grossmont College
          Teacher: Phillip Blanco & Sebastian Cormier
          Assistant: volunteer 

Mesa College
          Teacher: Irena Stojimirovic 
          Assistant: volunteer 
Miramar College
          Teacher: Jae Calanog
          Assistant: volunteer 

Here is some more detailed information that applies to all of the offerings:

Fall 2016 Semester Research Seminar Offerings

For the Fall of 2016, there are six different offerings for the seminar. You may contact the Teacher listed or complete the email form below to get further information or be directed to the schools that would suit your needs. Each school will conduct the program following their normal standards and practices and may utilize the materials and resources provided provided by BRIEF and InStAR as it suits their program.

Generally the seminar will require 1 to 1.5 hours of class time per week for the semester and a varying amount of other time averaging about 2 hours per week. This depends very much on the quality of teamwork you are able to develop, the pedagogy that is employed, and the experience of your team members.

Community college fees range from $1 for California high school students, to about $50 for other California residents, to $200 for out-of-state students.

Registration for the Fall 2016 Seminar closes September 20. Go to the Registration page to sign up. 

If you are interested in future seminars and workshops or becoming an assistant instructor, please complete the form below and we will send more information.