In the course of of our high school classes and college research seminars we found that students had widely varying computer resources. Some had Windows laptops, others had iPads, and still others were trying to use Android phones or tablets to do their assignments. Very quickly we became mired in technical support issues and our students were learning no astronomy. Not fun for teacher or student.

We wanted all our students to be able to use the best available research software - but that would cost each student a lot of money for a one time class. So we developed an online server to be used by our students, instructors and their mentors with a common set of software and reference materials. Now enrolled students regardless of their personal computing resources can access the best software tools to do their research and write their scientific papers.

This computing facility is available to all Astronomy Research Seminar students and instructors throughout the USA at no charge. Please use the contact form below if you have any questions about using BARC. 

Boyce-Astro Research Computer (BARC)