First photographs of the OTA and whiffletree were received in early February, 2016. Stainless steel, aluminum and carbon fiber were used in making the components. 

Meanwhile Pat needed to emulate the telescope's dimensions to design the BARO structure. The building had to fit on the existing 10' X 12' Pad #2 at TDS but house this substantial telescope. He built a model of the OTA using a 24" concrete forming tube. The mount (not shown) replicated the Mathis 750 equatorial fork mount that has a smaller footprint then a GEM to fit inside the building.

When completed in China, the OTA was packed and shipped to Russ's home outside San Luis Obispo - an ocean transit taking over 2 months.After the June, SAS meeting, Tong, Russ, and John Ridgely assembled the CDK and married the optics from Russ's closet to it. John did some last minute emergency machining that enabled this first marriage of all the components. A crude mount was created from a table saw. Here you see Tong assembling the CDK for the nighttime tests. Collimation and initial optics tests looked good.

The original primary for the CDK was one of two manufactured in 2012 by Hubble Optics in Hong Kong. After careful shipment it then resided in Russ Genet's closet waiting for the time to complete the OTA. The OTA design by Hubble Optics was finalized in 2015. Russ and Pat decided to complete the telescope to be placed in the planned robotic BARO observatory to be built in 2016 at SDAA's Tierra Del Sol (TDS) site. This was to Hubble's first 0.5m CDK OTA and special care went into its design in AutoCad. After reviews in late 2015 manufacturing was initiated in China by Tong, Hubble's founder and CEO. 

BARO 0.5m Correct Dall-Kirkham Telescope - BRIEF Story

A second round of tests were performed on July 26, 2016 with a better temporary mount. Results were outstanding and the telescope was accepted by BRIEF in a final aupicious ceremony in Russ's kitchen.