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Advanced Studies - for Graduates

Fall 2017 Astronomy Research Seminars

DoubleSTARSTM Video Introduction

Boyce-Astro will be conducting or supporting the DoubleSTARSTM Astronomy Research Seminars Online and in Classrooms at several locations for the Fall Semester 2017. This is the same seminar that has been conducted for three years in San Diego by BRIEF. You will propose and conduct original research in astrometry as a team member and complete a research paper accepted for publication. You will experience the scientific process from proposal all the way through to publication.

​Classes will meet once a week in the afternoon or evening as suits your class/group or school. The seminars held in high schools and community colleges here in San Diego have no additional fee except the normal school tuition. 

For those taking the online seminar there is a fee of $99 which covers:

  • all course materials
  • the robotic telescope time
  • access and use of the onl;ine server and suite of software tools
  • instruction and support to acceptance of your research paper for publication

Scholarships are available for high school students to cover these expenses.

If you are interested in taking this DoubleSTARSTM course, please complete the form to the right and you will be provided further information about the locations and scholarship opportuniities. 

We are in the planning phase for the introductory DoubleSTARSTMseminars for the fall of 2017 as well as advanced projects for graduates of DoubleSTARSTM from earlier semesters. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form below.

DoubleSTARSTM - the Introductory Seminar

Graduates of DoubleSTARSTM are eligible to continue their astronomy research in a variety of areas. We can help you to identify possible projects and publication opportunities. These will be team projects and the meeting schedule and project duration will be defined by the team and not the school calendar. More than one mentor may be involved.