Science Fair 2016

BRIEF, will focus on mentoring a few students through a Science Fair for academic year 15-16. If you are interested in participating, contact us directly here

Speckle Interferometry

BRIEF, working in conjunction with Dr. Russell Genet, is researching, parsing data from Kitt Peak, and writing a paper on the results of Speckle Interferometry of Hipparcos candidate double stars.

Class: ASTR 299 Fall 2015

Following up on ASTR 299 Spring 2015, BRIEF will once again participate in this College level course beginning in September 2015.

Johns Hopkins LRO

Led by David Horta & Anthony Cao, this project involved participating with Brian Grigsby and Johns Hopkins APL reviewing the lunar surface and recommending where possible future landing sites might be best and what areas of the surface might still hold frozen water. 

Harvard DASCH

Led by Anthony Cao, and highlighted in Sky and Telescope magazine May 2015, this project involved digitizing historical observational records from the 1800's for the Harvard Observatory:

Class: ASTR 299 Spring 2015

In January 2015, BRIEF, in coordination with InStAR & Cuesta College taught a College level Astronomical Research Class to 7 High School, and 1 Junior High School students. The result of their work will be published in a scientific research journal and hard cover book.

Kitt Peak Observations

In April 2014, BRIEF accompanied Dr. Russel Genet for a week long observation run gathering data for Speckle Interferometry of closely spaced Binary Stars.

Completed Projects

Local Outreach

Attend local Star Parties to see the universe above you as well as participate in current research projects.

Astronomy Club

While mentoring the Army and Navy Academy Astronomy Club, BRIEF also provides guidance to other clubs seeking assistance and advice.


Participate in Boyce-Astro research projects including: Variable Star Observing, Double Star Observing, Photography, Comet Hunting, and Asteroid Hunting.  

Current Projects