Graduates of the Spring 2015 Seminar.



The Astronomy Research Seminar is a unique college accredited course. To complete the course, you must produce a published scientific paper. You probably don't know HOW to do this even if you're a college graduate - let alone actually getting it done. That's why this seminar is so unique. And for high school and college students it's a great experience and unique qualifier to put on a resume or school application.

Our Teaching Assistants and scientific staff will walk you through the process, help with your questions and edit your scientific paper for publication. The course is offered through Cuesta College and may be taken for credit or - if you're not interested in college credit but participate fully in the research and report product, you too will be included as an author of the published paper.

For the spring and fall semesters of 2015, the seminar was held at the Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA. Eight students in two teams participated to create two scientific papers on double stars each semester using CCD techniques with robotic telescopes. Here are the seminar's description and the the three papers published so far; the fourth fall paper is being edited at this time.

          Authors: Faisal AlZaben, Allen Priest,Stephen Priest, Grady Boyce, and Pat Boyce

Please see the January, 2016 Journal of Double Star Observations, Volume 12, Number 1 for two of these papers, four other papers using speckle interferometry also done by ANA astronomy students, and papers from other schools participating in the seminar. The San Diego Astronomy Association printed an article about our fall 2015 teams - click here.

The spring 2016 seminar will begin with an orientation meeting on February 11, 2016 at the Army Navy Academy.Teams will be formed soon afterward. Seminar meetings for team collaboration and TA assistance are currently planned for Thursday evenings at the Academy. Extensive online resources are provided as well as classroom assistance.

If you are interested in participating as a student or as a Teaching Assistant trainee, please email us below describing your interest and any questions you may have. We will reply promptly with further information and details as they become available. Alternatively you may call 619-227-9614 for further information.